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Respect: The Key to a Brand’s survival in the Social Age

August 11, 2010 , , ,

With the blossoming of social media a brand’s failing is often recorded and spread quickly through peer to peer reviews which is trusted by 78% of people. That’s over five times more than the number of people who trust the brand’s own TV ads. Pretty powerful stuff. Every brand will deliver customer experiences that are not up to scratch, that is the nature of this imperfect world. In order to survive these hiccups brands more than anything need to gain the respect of the people it is hoping to engage.

I believe that respect is even more important today than ever before. You see, if you respect someone or something you talk about them generously, you allow yourself to agree to disagree with them because you believe in them even if you don’t always share in their beliefs, and you forgive their foibles because you trust they get it right most of the time.

Brands who have earned respect will fair better than others in this transparent Social Age.

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