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Co-op of clever clogs

October 1, 2010 , , , ,

The digital space is fragmented with over 40 disciplines at the last count. We’ve all worked on projects that have required us to partner with people and organisations of different digital disciplines. Some of these have led to very successful partnerships and others to distinctly less successful ones. So, in mid 2009 we began to bring together a group of established experts across all digital disciplines ranging from social community analytics, planning, mobile phone applications, and information architecture through to a specialist film production company. We wanted this group to be more than a network of co-existing organisations, we wanted to create an entity of mutually beneficial relationships so we began to build The Handmade Co-opearative. Here every member can call upon each other’s expertise which gives them the ability to deliver integrated solutions with partners that they can depend on.

Some may ask how is this so different from big multi-discipline agencies that have in-house departments who cover a multitude of skills? The answer is simple, the multi-discipline model often leads to a compromised offering. Agencies cannot afford to have idle (expensive) experts waiting in the wings so when these experts are needed agencies either have to scrabble around and get what talent they are given or hope that their existing team know enough to get by. (Admittedly I am exaggerating to make a point, but you see where I am coming from.) When pitched against these agencies the Co-operative offers clients a highly credible choice with no compromise in sight.

Coordinating the clever clogs
Bringing a bunch of experts together is one thing, coordinating them is another and that’s where Handmade Digital comes in.

Handmade Co-operative

The Handmade Co-operative in technicolour
Handmade Digital will act as the central project management, planning and creative strategy function that can mobilise the Co-operative according to client requirements. We believe that by having these centralised the Handmade Co-operative offers a simple and less complex approach to integrated digital solutions for clients and its members alike. It saves time when compared to dealing with many different entities. And it means that everyone can be confident they are getting the best possible services managed and delivered by experts.

We’re on he cusp of a seriously exciting, competitive agency model and we are looking forward to our official launch on the 28th September.


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