Fields of Serendipity

Fields of Serendipity

Fields of Serendipity

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Millennial anti-drunk-dial device

November 11, 2010 , ,

webroot social sobriety test

How easy it use to be: as long as you got yourself out of the bar before you managed to combine the dignity-defying cocktail of one-too-many, an ex-boyf and loss of volume control, you were pretty much home and dry. Then came the mobile where 24/7 connection was made that much easier and drunk fingers automatically found their way to dialing or texting the result of the said dignity-defying cocktail. But at least then you were pretty much only communicating your hideous message to your ex-one-and-only.

Now you can broadcast that little message to hundreds, at a click of a button. And to compound your mistake, you can now go on to insult everyone you know, picking them off one at a time, again at a click of a button. But it’s okay the Social Media Sobriety Test from Webroot is here to keep your fingers away from the buzzer and your dignity and friendships in tact.

For Webroot, it’s a good bit of marketing mix integration. Developing one P (product of those of us who drank away our learned marketing theory years) to help another P (that would be promotion). It’s a clever innovation that will get them blogged about and passed around.

And there you have it, my post-rationalised reason why I’m blogging about it. Now, what was that webroot site again?


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