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Fields of Serendipity

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John Lewis – We’re in Lovemark again

December 15, 2010 , , , ,

Dear John Lewis

I wrote about you a few months back when your highly successful, much raved about ad aired. Although it ozzed chocolate box charm, it left me feeling out in the cold because of its lack of diversity. I was actually taken aback about how little the lack of diversity was commented on. I wonder if this was because the ad passed us darker shade of pale folk by?

Then Christmas came along and my John Lewis world was put right again. Except for the slight hoorah about a dog being left out in the cold: which to be honest I was less put out by.

The ad has all the John Lewisness I respect and love. There’s a warm, welcoming comfort about the brand which has regained my trust. I am not sure if you heard the diversity rumblings, or you just got a hold of yourselves and looked outwards at what the ad was saying beyond displaying your range, but whatever you did it worked.

Thank you for coming home.

With love



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